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Ball, Jeremy
Average Rating: 7.0
Posted July 14, 2005 at 3:28am
Teaching Style: Mixture
Grading: Easy
Availability Outside Class: Good
Homework Load: Average
African Women

Overall Rating: 9.0

J Ball is awesome. He knows practically everything, and if he doesn't know it knows how to know it. Great sense of humor. Ridiculously easy to find outside of class. Pity he's gone.
Posted April 14, 2005 at 7:32pm
Teaching Style: Mixture
Grading: Easy
Availability Outside Class: Average
Homework Load: High
Modern Africa

Overall Rating: 5.0

Not Recommended
Ok, first: this is NOT Dr. Ball, the venerable Whitman institution who runs you down on his bicycle. I have never had a class from him (and I hear he is very nice).
This is JEREMY Ball, who is a history professor. Kind of. For Modern Africa, he was more like a high school history teacher.
My big complaint about this class was that the expectations varied wildly, almost from day to day. The reading would be extremely light for one day and then a hundred pages for the next. Sometimes he demanded fairly sophisticated synthesis--reading several articles/primary documents and critiquing them. Other times, we were expected to sit in our chairs, keep our mouths shut, and believe what the nice professor told us. Also, bringing in a substitute teacher--not cool.
He gets a five for trying hard and knowing what he's talking about (despite repeatedly refering to Cecil Rhodes as a "diamond magnet"), but I can't recommend him.