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Nelson, Holly
Average Rating: 4.5
Posted Oct. 18, 2006 at 9:10pm
Teaching Style: Mainly Lecture
Grading: Hard
Availability Outside Class: Poor
Homework Load: High
Intro to Primate Behavior

Overall Rating: 3.0

Not Recommended
Yes to the previous reviewer. She is, indeed, very passionate about primates and mating/romantic relationships (and let me tell you, they are not mutually exclusive topics). Primate psych was a lot harder than I was expecting, considering it was a 200-level class.

There were 1-2 page thought papers due every class (3 times a week...we're talking 33 reaction papers...which were graded pretty hard!). On top of extensive article reading, an expensive textbook that we used approximately three times (and which I never understood and was unable to sell back to the bookstore).

Classes themselves were nearly all lecture, power-point presentations that she powered through. Some interesting information, some boring. LOTS of primate sex.

Holly's a very passionate person, and this certainly came across in class. But she is just not ready to be a professor--her expectations are unrealistic and flat-out too much.
Posted Dec. 17, 2005 at 3:37pm
Teaching Style: Mainly Lecture
Grading: Easy
Availability Outside Class: Average
Homework Load: Low
Intro Psych

Overall Rating: 6.0

She's very passionate about primate and mating/romatic relationship psych and it shows. Her lectures vary from interesting to pretty dry. If she isn't using a powerpoint with her lecture they tend to have little organization. But she'll give you a broad overview of psych.