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Corey, Amy
Art History
Average Rating: 3.0
Posted May 19, 2008 at 12:05am
Teaching Style: Mainly Lecture
Grading: Average
Availability Outside Class: Poor
Homework Load: Average
Body Gender

Overall Rating: 3.0

Not Recommended
while there was not a lot of work and the grading was not necessarily hard the grading made little sense to anyone. her papers were the EXACT same thing 5 times without change. ok one change whether it was first person or third. while the class time was interesting at first you soon learned that after the fourth week nothing changed. it was the same idea just a different lecture on it. wow worst Whitman class ever. she also had no problem expanding the class from 7-10 to 6-10:30 and then marking down people who did not attend the full time. she was rude and condescending to even the most hard working students. however the first month was amazing and she made good use of multimedia.