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Humans vs. Zombies
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Game Overview:
Humans vs. Zombies is a game about zombies. There are two teams, the Human Resistance and the Zombie Horde. The goal of the Resistance is to outlast the Zombies until they all starve to death. The goal of the Zombies is to infect all the humans of the Resistance, thus turning them into zombies.

How to Create a Game at Your School:
Click "Sign Up" to create an account. If there is not already a game of Humans vs. Zombies in progress at your school, you will see a "Create New Game" button on this page once you are signed in. You will be the game administrator with full control.

To Play Humans vs. Zombies, You Must:
  • Either love or hate Zombies
  • Live on Campus
  • Own a Bandana
  • Be ok with wearing a bandana for (probably several) days.
  • Be ok with carrying an index card around with you for the duration of time you spend alive.
  • Be ok with the roaming Zombie Horde chasing after you, eating your flesh, and then accepting you as their Zombie friend.
  • Be ok with being shot by a Nerf gun (not in the head), or having a sock thrown at you.
  • Register for the game before the posted deadline

DormWire's Humans vs. Zombies Features:
  • Top Zombies List (by most kills)
  • Zombie Talk (built-in ability)
  • Randomly Selects the Original Zombie
  • Auto-generation of Secret Codes
  • Email Management (game admin can email all players, all zombies, all humans, etc)
  • Clean and colorful interface
  • Sample Rules of Play (fully editable)

Strategy for Humans: The only hope for the Humans is to wait until the Zombies starve to death. They can shoot a zombie, to temporarily disable it, but they cannot kill a Zombie. Cooperation and love are the only things that can save us in these dire times.

Strategy for Zombies: You must track down every human player without starving death. It is easier to feed on weekdays because there are classes (i.e. reasons for the humans to leave their hiding places). Consider that you must feed at least once each weekend due to your lifespan of 48 hours. Feeding multiple times in one day can be fun, and it might get you on the Top Zombies list, but think of your dwindling food supply. It's better to save the easy to kill humans for "hard times" like Sunday afternoons.

Silly Synonyms for Humans vs. Zombies:

Zombie Tag, Humans v Zombies, Humans v.s. Zombies, Zombies versus Humans, Humans versus Zombies, Humans verses Zombies, Mankind vs. Zombies, Humans and Zombies

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